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The subject article, entitled “the New Summer Simmer Index – a Comfort Index for the New Millennium” was presented to an international audience at the 80th annual meeting of the AMS at Long Beach, California, on January 11, 2000.  

Acclaimed by meteorologists and climatologists, the author believes it to be the most reliable indicator available as to how hot it feels due to the combined effects of temperature and humidity.  It is derived from continuous research over the past 75 years.  Based on sound casinoluck scientific and physiological principles relating to the human thermo-regulatory system, it is written to relate to a dry environment for general public acceptance.  Importantly, it can be used as a warning of the dangers of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Heat stress producing zones, based on military studies, private research, and norms adopted by he NWS, are provided.

The author compares various indices developed over the years relating temperature and humidity, noting the shortfalls of each.  Correcting for these deficiencies, the new Summer Simmer Index is the only such indicator available in the world today that meets all requirements for a truly meaningful index.

“What, another comfort index?’  But please read on!  This one may be the final word in temperature –humidity indices.  It is scientifically sound and backed by hundreds of individual subjective tests. 

It’s the new Summer Simmer Index!